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quinta-feira, novembro 06, 2008

Employment in high-tech sectors in % of labour force by region, 2006

«Science, technology and innovation are at the heart of EU policies. An indication of progress in these fields is given by the number of people employed in high-tech sectors.
In 2006, 4.4% of the EU27 labour force was employed in high-tech sectors3. Three quarters of those employed in high-tech sectors worked in high-tech knowledge-intensive services and a quarter in high-tech manufacturing.
The share of employment in high-tech sectors was more than 6% in 29 EU27 regions: nine of these regions were found in Germany, five in the United Kingdom, three in Hungary, two each in Belgium and Finland and one region each in the Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Austria and Sweden as well as Malta. The highest share of employment was found in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire (11.5%) in the United Kingdom, followed by Stockholm (9.3%) in Sweden, Île de France (8.9%) in France and the two German regions Dresden (8.7%) and Oberbayern (8.5%).
The share of employment in high-tech sectors was less than 2% in 23 EU27 regions: Six of these regions were found in Romania, five in Greece, four each in Spain and Poland, and two each in Bulgaria and Portugal. The lowest shares of employment were found in Thessalia in Greece and in Centro in Portugal (both 1.0%), followed by the two Romanian regions Sud-Vest Oltenia and Sud-Est and the Greek region Peloponnisos (all 1.1%).»
(excerto de Eurostat News Release nº 150/2008, de 30 Outubro de 2008 -

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