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segunda-feira, agosto 04, 2014

"Workshop on ´Adjustment in European Economies in the Wake of the Economic Crisis`”

«Dear colleague, 
we are organizing a Workshop on “Adjustment in European Economies in the Wake of the Economic Crisis”. 
the Workshop aims at bringing together researchers to study the processes of economic adjustment in European economies. A good understanding of what does work and does not work is important to draw lessons for the growth challenges facing Europe. You have been doing quite relevant research in this topic lately and you could contribute in a significant way to the Workshop. We would like to encourage you to submit a paper. 
The call for papers can be found here: 
or here: 
Looking forward to receive your submission. 
Each paper selected to presentation in the workshop will receive a prize of 2500 euros. 
Best regards, 
On behalf of the organizing committee, 

Mário Centeno»

(reprodução de mensagem que me caiu entretanto na caixa de correio eletrónico, proveniente da entidade identificada)

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