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sábado, fevereiro 11, 2012

“Rendimento Acadêmico, o que prediz (e o que não prediz): o caso dos alunos de Ciências Econômicas da UnB”

“The analysis was based in 240 questionnaires answered by students of economics at University of Brasília. Using them, it was tried to make a whole description of the characteristics of these alumni and, in a second moment, to estimate econometric models to identify the causes of academic outcome, measured by the Grade Point Average (GPA) of UnB. The models showed that the amount of study and the frequency in classes are fundamental. Although, it did not find relationship between the participation in the campus social life and GPA. As in previous surveys, women presented better grades than men. Quota students, however, had lower GPAs than others. Finally, when a logistic regression was estimated to determine the probability of a fail, the time spent studying had little significance, as long as, the number of absences and subjects were the most important variables.” 

 LIMA, Luis C. F. 

 Date: 2011-12 
 Keywords: Academic Outcome; Higher Education; Econometrics; OLS; MLE 

 (resumo de “paper”, disponível no sítio referenciado)

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