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quinta-feira, setembro 19, 2013

"Call for papers: Science and Power Relations in Tourism Studies, Yokohama 2014"

«Dear colleagues,

Please find below and attached a call for papers at one of several sessions organized by the Research Committee on International Tourism of the International Sociological Association (ISA) at the ISA World Congress next year.

Science and Power Relations in Tourism Studies
Session Organizers

Rami ISAAC, Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands,  
Erdinc CAKMAK, Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands,  

Session in English

Science has been depicted most often as an isolated phenomenon (Popper, 1963; Lakatos & Musgrave, 1970) that is driven forwards by internal mechanisms. Scientific progress has been imagined as a self-corrective development steered by an internal criterion like testability or falsifiability. In the last two decades this image has become more relative through the acceptance of external developments co-determinant for scientific development (Kuhn, 1965; Cohn, 2012). Yet, science is an embedded phenomenon that is always heavily influenced by the surrounding environment. This makes us sensitive to the political, economical, socio-cultural and technological influences on scientific developments. This, certainly, goes for the tourism field of social scientific research (Tribe, 2003).

Deadline for abstract submissions: 30 September 2013, 24:00 GMT
A link for abstract submissions is now available on the ISA website: 

Best regards,
Rami Isaac
Dr Rami K. Isaac
Senior Lecturer in Tourism

Academy for Tourism
NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences
P.O.Box 3917 - 4800 DX Breda - The Netherlands
Mgr Hopmansstraat 1
4817 JT Breda
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31765332203
Telefax:      +31765332205»

(reprodução de mensagem que me caiu entretanto na caixa de correio electrónico, reencaminhada por Paula Cristina Remoaldo)

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