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quinta-feira, março 06, 2014

Call for papers - ”The future of retailing: from local challenges to global opportunities”

«Call for Papers 
Retail International Conference, Braga, Portugal 
”The future of retailing: from local challenges to global opportunities”
The Retail International Conference,, under the title The future of retailing: from local challenges to global opportunities is to be jointly organised by the University of Minho and the Chamber of Commerce of Braga.  It will be convened in 19-20 September 2014, venue GNRation, in Braga. It is a unique event which brings together academics and professionals, whilst envisaging to give special emphasis to the major challenges that commerce faces, as well as the role this sector plays on the agenda of the sustained economic and social growth in Portugal and in Europe.
In order to make this event as comprehensive as possible, its thematic component focus upon the context of the ongoing  strong economic restructuring in Portugal and in Europe, taking into account the growing need for adaptation of the economic agents, in particular, as regards the use of Information and Communication Technologies, Innovation and Modernisation and Consumer Trends.
We would very much like to invite researchers, irrespective of their geographical or institutional affiliation, to present their ongoing theoretical and/or practical research, on the following themes:
1-     Modern Commerce
- Re-inventing commerce in Portugal and in Europe (Entrepreneurship, Innovation and new concepts)
- Proximity commerce – what future?
- Specialised commerce
- New formats of commerce
- Marketing and integrated commerce networks
2-       Commerce and the cities
- Cities Marketing / cities as destinations for shopping, culture and leisure
- Urban mobility / enjoyment and sustainability
- Commercial urbanism and integrated management of urban centres
3-       Commerce and associations
- Sustainable models for Entrepreneurial Associations
- Social dialogue and new models of collective employment
- State and entrepreneurial and trade union associations
4-     Commerce and internet
- E-commerce
- Social networks and digital marketing
- Retail commerce – technological services and applications
All communications are to be sent onto Manuela Pinto (GAI),, until 9 of June of 2014. The selection of communications will be disclosed until the day 23 of June.
Universidade do Minho 
Gabinete de Apoio à Investigação (GAI)
Escola de Economia e Gestão
Campus de Gualtar
4710 - 057 Braga
Telefone: 253 604518

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