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sexta-feira, abril 06, 2007

“Schooling inequality and the rise of research”

“During the last twenty years the share of researchers in the workforce has been rising in OECD countries. The consistency of this pattern suggests that it is not a transitional phenomenon. This paper demonstrates that the rise of research can occur in the steady state when schooling inequality is declining. Comparative static analysis of a semi-endogenous growth model with a continuous distribution of skills shows that a reduction in skill inequality can have a variety of effects, which includes a rising share of researchers. Additionally, the height of the growth rate of mean educational attainment is shown to have a positive effect on the proportion of researchers in the workforce, without causing it to grow.”

Bas Straathof
Keywords: Schooling inequality; Economic growth
Date: 2005-06

(resumo de “paper”, disponível no sítio referenciado)

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