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sábado, julho 21, 2007

The analysis of tourists` preferences: the Minho-Lima case (III)

Some territories use its natural, historical and ethnographical resources aiming to preserve resources and to increase revenue and employment. However, being financial and human resources scarces, usually, any planning process implies to develop a selection process and the evaluation of available alternatives.
The current touristic resources can provide a starting point for the definition of alternatives and, knowing the tourists' opinion on these, we can get more solid base to select the strategic alternative adjusted to the characteristics of the territory in analysis and to their preferences.
The analysis of tourists’ preferences and tastes are facilitated when we face more or less consolidated destinations and actual touristic resources, once these present a demand where tastes and preferences can be investigated. However, when emergent destinations and potential touristic resources are analysed we do not know the demand on which to base these parameters, and this mission becomes more complicated. To surpass that problem, we can apply to the stated preferences analysis, asking respondents about theirs (stated) choices, in the aim of hypothetical consumption situations. “Because it relies on individual’s statements about their preferences or choices, this approach has become known as ´stated preference` (or choice) analysis” (Louvière and Timmermans, 1990, p.10).
Laurentina Vareiro
J. Cadima Ribeiro

[reprodução de extracto de comunicação intitulada "The use of stated preference and choice models in the analysis of tourists’ preferences: the Minho-Lima sub-region (Portugal) case", a ser apresentada em: 47th Congress of the European Regional Science Association (Joint Congress of ERSA and ASRDLF), Paris, August 29th – September 2nd, 2007].

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