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domingo, novembro 01, 2009

“The determinants of university patenting: Do incentives matter?”

“In recent years various studies have examined the factors that may explain academic patents. Existing analyses have also underlined the substantial differences to be found in European countries in the institutional framework that defines property rights for academic patents. The objective of this study is to contribute to the empirical literature on the factors explaining academic patents and to determine whether the incentives that universities offer researchers contribute towards explaining the differences in academic patenting activity. The results of the econometric analysis for the Spanish universities point towards the conclusion that the principal factor determining the patents is funding of R&D while royalty incentives to researchers do not appear to be significant.”

Tomás del Barrio-Castro (University of the Balearic Islands)
José García-Quevedo (University of Barcelona)

Date: 2009
Keywords: patents, university, R&D.

(resumo de “paper”, disponível no sítio referenciado)

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