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quinta-feira, agosto 23, 2007

Consumer perception of Portuguese quality wine and the region-of-origin effect - II

3. Wine attributes and the perception of consumers
The current study deals with current Portuguese consumer perceptions of wine, in a real market setting.
[...] the dominant factor of influence in the acquisition of wine is the region of origin. This result reinforces the one we got from the 2003 study (FREITAS SANTOS and CADIMA RIBEIRO, 2003). According to it wines from regions of Douro, Dão and Alentejo would command higher prices than wines from other regions. Anyway, we should keep in mind the different nature of the methodological approach and of the sample taken.
Learning form this results, considering its strategic implication, if the region of origin has a positive image/reputation on the wine market, producers should give more visibility to it on the label and use that image in their marketing programs. A complementary approach to the market is the identification of consumer groups (market niches) that are willing to spend a higher share of their budget to buy products more able to attend theirs particular needs.
On the contrary, producers from regions with less reputation on wine should compete on brand equity and marketing actions (market research, advertising, promotion, public relations), in order to well establish the uniqueness and the historic background of the goods they are offering to the market. Using other words, the general idea is that producers, rather than competing for a price, should propose to consumers a concept supported on a strong ethos of making quality wine.
J. Cadima Ribeiro
J. Freitas Santos
- FREITAS SANTOS, J. and CADIMA RIBEIRO, J. (2003), ”Effects of territory information on Portuguese wine prices: a hedonic approach”, European Review of Economics and Finance, Vol. 2, N.1, pp. 39-52.
[extractos de comunicação a apresentar em 47th Congress of the European Regional Science Association (Joint Congress of ERSA and ASRDLF) Paris, August 29th – September 2nd, 2007]

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