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sábado, março 20, 2010

“Fiscal Regime Shifts in Portugal”

“We estimate changes in fiscal policy regimes in Portugal with a Markov Switching regression of fiscal policy rules for the period 1978-2007, using a new dataset of fiscal quarterly series. We find evidence of a deficit bias, while repeated reversals of taxes making the budget procyclical. Economic booms have typically been used to relax tax pressure, especially during elections. One-off measures have been preferred over structural ones to contain the deficit during economic crises. The EU fiscal rules prompted temporary consolidation, but did not permanently change the budgeting process.”

António Afonso,
Peter Claeys
Ricardo M. Sousa

Date: 2009-10
Keywords: fiscal regimes, Markov Switching, Portugal
(resumo de “paper”, disponível no sítio referenciado)

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